The Epic Story of Human Chromosomes (Part – 1)

If you ask biologists how they define The Human Genome, they will definitely say, “It is the Book of Life”. It is true, indeed. If you write down every base (A, T, G, C) sequence of our genome in a book, you will end up with one billion words, equivalent to 800 Bibles in volume. Really,... Continue Reading →


Seven Brief Lessons on Modern Physics

Can you imagine space as a curved and twisted fabric? Have you ever heard about vibrations in time? What's so strange about Quantum world? How do we get a sense of existence if we are just a junk of lifeless atoms? Carlo Rovelli, an Italian physicist gives us a short introduction on these post Newtonian... Continue Reading →

How Did Humans Become So Smart?

There is an estimate of nearly 8.7 million species exist right now on Earth. Out of them, only one species, Homo sapiens, that is more intelligent and dominant than all others. Homo sapiens now have attained the power to wipeout life from the face of the Earth, if desired. What's more interesting to question here is,... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Puzzle Ever Solved: The DNA

I have recently finished reading the book The Gene: An Intimate History authored by Siddhartha Mukherjee. This was his second book after The Emperor of All Maladies: a biography of cancer. Mukherjee is very good at explaining complex biological terms in simple metaphors. In The Gene he showcased it again with the compelling story about the history of... Continue Reading →

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